IKON KØBENHAVN is a Copenhagen based interior brand founded in 2016 by the two sisters Amalie and Sarah Thorgaard.

We have always shared the same passion for design and decorating. A passion that began to grow early in our childhood, and it has only gotten bigger through the years. So it felt very natural for us to establish our own interior brand, where we can break through with new inspiration on the current furniture design market. Our everyday life, the people we meet and are surrounded by, and our travels are the seed from where our inspiration constantly grows. IKON KØBENHAVN’s mission is to create furniture in a high quality, that doesn’t compromise with aesthetics. IKON KØBENHAVN is bringing uniqueness to your home, and our design process is a constant play with new sorts of colours and materials to give you that iconic design.

OUR TABLES ARE MADE OF TILES IN A VARIATION OF BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND SIZES. THEY ARE ALL HANDMADE IN DENMARK in our own workshop.  They have a base of wood and are covered with a epoxy fugue and tiles on top. each table are build with 4 wheels, which make them easy to move around. our poufs are made of foam with cotton and velour fabrics. IF YOU HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR A SPECIAL COLOR OR SIZE of our tables, PLEASE CONTACT US. more products to come in the future, stay updated here on the site.